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Word press is the Most used CMS to instantly launch a blog website or forum. The popularity of WordPress can be measured by this fact that about more than 65 million websites are running WordPress. World’s most popular sites like CNN, Forbes and many other sites probably use WordPress. Round about 17% websites run WordPress and its use is still increasing due to its easy to manage and best platform.
With all these facts when you are planing to run a WordPress website or blog the first thing you indeed to find out best Wordpress Themes. During your search you have examine some really good Wordpress websites that run WordPress themes and want know about the theme name and other theme related details of that particular WorPress theme. Here we design a platform where you will find theme information for WordPress websites, including theme name, Theme Author, Theme Version installed on a specific website and URL from where the theme was being downloaded or purchased. In simple word its provide you all details about WordPress theme resource.

How To Check Wordpress Theme Info

Simply paste your web sites url and all details about that particular theme will display into a easy to understand theme report. Get Theme Name, Theme description, Version, Author name and licence.

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Including the best wordpress theme and other info locator tool, we have a huge database of other common and precise web tools which may help you in different ways for different projects, accuracy is confirmed while using any available tool by us.

Why "MOVE WP Theme Locator"?

Assure you guaranteed wordpress theme relevant results in one click, check unlimited number of themes belong to any wp based website.